Contracts In-a-box
Contracts In-a-box
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Other Products & Services

Practical HR offer a range of services and products. All designed to make HR easier for you.



Our HR Consultancy services include advice on any employment matter.  Support is provided over the telephone or on site. visit our main Practical HR website for more details.  You can also purchase some consultancy support to review your contracts once you have put them together or to draft some additional or specific clauses.




Similar to Contracts in-a-box - but for your employee handbook.  It includes a comprehensive template employee handbook including all the employment policies generally relevant to a small business. Visit Handbooks in-a-box.  





Our First Line Support site offers a range of articles, guidance and template letter and forms covering the most common areas of HR that affect small businesses.  It includes many FREE areas as well as a subscription option. Visit the First Line Support site.  


The most effective way to keep up to date with minimum time and input from you! provides you with your own bespoke HR website.  The website is updated and managed by Practical HR and guarantees your documentation will always be up to date and compliant.  Your HR website can be accessed by all your employees - replacing any 'written' handbook and ensuring clear communication with any changes/updates and reminders sent to employees via email.  Visit



We offer payroll service and an auto-enrolment solutions through our sister company 3 Steps to Auto-enrolment.

Our payroll and auto-enrolment solution covers all areas to ensure compliance with the new workplace pensions, as well as basic compliance around HR and payroll (HMRC) requirements.