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Contracts In-a-box
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What do Clients say about Contracts in-a-box?

"We needed contracts of employment for our first employee but also needed something cost-effective. Contracts in-a-box was the perfect solution. It was easy to use and means we are legally compliant and have some clarity around our terms of employment with our new employee. I would definitely recommend Contracts in-a-box.

I just wanted to e-mail you to say how great it was to have your advice and how user friendly I found the Contracts in-a-box product.

I was initially concerned at the costs involved in getting a contract drawn up by a third party and equally as concerned in my own ability to draw up my own professional contract. I am, however, pleased to say that I feel with your Contracts in-a-box, I received great value for money and the professional contract I needed.

I will not hesitate to contact you in the future if I have any HR issues and will definitely recommend this product."

Amy Daly, Identity Fitness Ltd

"We have found the contracts in-a-box (and handbooks in-a-box) invaluable. This has changed the way we operate. We were very sceptical about employing permanent staff but we have found that using the HR packages gave us the confidence and trust to take the plunge and employ direct.

We have continued to grow since first using contracts in-a-box and have now progressed to the Practical HR bespoke websites. We would not have taken the first step to directly employ labour if we did not have the confidence given to us by Contracts in-a-box."

Rob Bowles, Oakleafe Property Services