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Why Have Contracts?

Why Have Contracts of Employment?

There is a legal requirement to provide written terms of employment to your employees.  But in addition to this, the contract of employment is one of the most important documents in the employment relationship. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built. The right contract of employment will protect the business and provide flexibility.

Generally when there is an employment 'issue' or 'dispute' the first question is 'what does the contract say?' (followed by what does the policy say?).  

Contracts (and supporting documentation) can prevent disputes arising. If everyone is clear from the outset about what the terms are (and what is expected), there is less chance of misunderstandings or disagreements. And if disputes do arise, they can generally be resolved more quickly, easily and amicably.


  • Easy to use
  • Compliant with Legislation (including key employment policy documents)
  • Up to date
  • Cost Effective

The contract of employment is simply the most important document when it comes to employment. 

Contracts in-a-box is an ideal product for any Company with a limited number of employees and/or a limited budget. 

By purchasing Contracts in-a-box you will also have access to many more template documents. To see full content, please click here.

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Employment Facts

Once purchased you will also have access to the Employment Facts page which will provide a summary of key facts including:

  • National Minimum Wage Rates
  • Holiday Entitlement calculation
  • Statutory Maternity Pay Rates
  • Statutory Sick Pay Rates